Phone: +34 65 997 6262 (WhatsApp & Signal)

Address: APDO Correos No. 17. Alcañiz, Teruel, Spain

Open 24 hours, all year. If we are not around when you arrive, find yourself a site and we will see you in the afternoon.


Please note, the roads to Manju's Place campground are unsuitable for motorhomes over 6 meters with low ground clearance (unless you are accustomed to the rough dirt roads typically found in rural Spain!).

WHEN TRAVELLING FROM THE SOUTH, it is advisable to navigate to the Alcañiz police station first. If taking the northern exit for Alcañiz, you make a U-turn at the first round-about (see red dot on screenshot below).

Once through the roundabout, veer to the right onto Polygono 46 road and then make an immediate left (keeping the guardrail on your left hand side). Then you will go through the first of three tunnels (marked red on the screenshot below). After the second tunnel you will go over a bridge, and then continue through the third, and final tunnel, at which point the gravel will begin.

Drive for another kilometer then turn/veer left onto quarry road and begin travelling uphill. Continue for another 1.2 km, (passing the small quarry on the right hand side) then turn left at the top of the hill onto an un-named road and keep left to get to Manju's Place.



WHEN TRAVELLING FROM THE NORTH, follow the directions on the screenshot below. The 4 red dots represent where you need to turn. Make the first turn onto a gravel road approximately 6 km north of Alcañiz (or take the next one at the green dot, but you will have to cross unbroken lines on the N-211 highway). Continue along the gravel road for 1 km and turn left at the next intersection. Continue for another 3.4 km then turn right onto a dirt road, following the signs for "La Badina".

Veer right at the old ruins and go down towards the river. Continue over the concrete river crossing (blue dot) and turn right at the next intersection, following the signs to Manju's Place (black dot).

Note: Please do not use the river crossing if there is water over it (usually after heavy rain or floods).